July 9, 2018

GCMC Podcast: Episode 1 - Jamie Rizzo

The GCMC Podcast gets off-the-record thoughts and perspectives from individuals who have been hiring managers and in hiring positions in their careers.

To listen to this Episode of the podcast, click here.

We're proud to kick off Episode 1 of our Podcast with Jamie Rizzo, a Zicklin MS Accounting alumnus with more than two decades of experience in business and finance, and an asset manager at a major insurance firm.

Topics discussed with Jamie include:

  • Researching Deeper: Doing effective research about companies.
  • Understanding the Role: Really understanding what the role is, and why that's what you want to do.
  • Thinking in Parameters: Thinking in as many possible parameters to be able to make the best decision or conclusion.
  • Curiosity: Being curious will make you better in business.

We also talk about Jamie's new book, The Ultimate Career Guide for Business Majors.

To listen to this Episode of the podcast, click here.

May 29, 2018

“5 Common Job Search Roadblocks and How to Get Past Them”

By Lindsey Plewa, Associate Director, Zicklin Graduate Career Management Center

I’ve conducted thousands of career advising appointments with graduate students and alumni.  Each person brings a unique story to the table, however the job search challenges that everyone encounters are strikingly similar.  Below are a few of the “roadblocks” I’ve heard and some specific tips on how to start getting past them. 

1. I’m applying online but rarely hear from the employer.

There is a 20% chance you’ll land an interview if applying online is your sole strategy.  Focus your job search on people, not postings.  LinkedIn is the primary way to find connections at your target companies.  Here’s a short video on how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile:

2. I’m a career changer and fear that my MBA isn’t enough.

Get experience and expand your network by volunteering, working part-time or joining a professional association in your new industry and/or function.  A few resources to browse for volunteer opportunities include MBA Project Search, Taproot Foundation, and Volunteer Match.

3. I know that I need to network, but I’m intimidated by networking functions. 

You’re not alone.  Set a goal before attending (an example could be “I will obtain at least 3 business cards tonight.”).  This will keep you focused and help to reduce anxiety.  Also, there are many ways to network.  Consider setting up informational interviews with people at your target companies where you can ask questions and learn more about the company on your terms. 

4. I’m not sure how to follow up with networking contacts or leads… so I don’t.

Not following up is probably the biggest job search mistake I hear most frequently.  However, there’s a fine line between being aggressive and being proactive.  My article here explains more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/oh-so-important-job-search-basic-how-follow-up-pushy-lindsey

5. I’m interviewing, but not landing a job.

Though you may be qualified for a position, there are many factors that can turn an interview into a job offer.  Make sure you’re avoiding these interviewer pet peeves: not doing enough research on the company, not preparing thoughtful questions for the interviewer, not displaying enthusiasm for the role and/or company. Know how you’re qualified, but also know why you want to work there.


Lindsey Plewa
Associate Director, Graduate Career Management Center, Zicklin School of Business

Lindsey Plewa has coached thousands of students on how to successfully navigate a job search for over 10 years. She is currently the Associate Director of Career Advising at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College.  She holds an MA and two professional certificates, one in Adult Career Planning and one in Leadership Skills, from New York University.

May 21, 2018

Networking for Introverts

 GCMC Podcast Network tips for Introverts

The unofficial first episode of the Zicklin GCMC's Podcast, covering 6 Useful tips about Networking for Introverts.

May 1, 2018

An Oh-So-Important Job Search Basic: How to Follow Up Without Sounding Pushy

By Lindsey Plewa
Your resume and cover letter are just two pieces of written communication that are part of the job search. Appropriate follow-up etiquette is just as important but there’s a fine line between being enthusiastic and being pushy. Lately, I’ve been working with students on crafting the perfect email for their particular situation.  Here are two templates to help get you started.

When following up with someone you met at a networking event you want to:
1) Reintroduce yourself
2) Explain why you’re interested in speaking with them further
3) Be specific about what you’re asking for

Sample networking follow up email:

Hi John,

It was great meeting you last week at the Direct Marketing Club’s panel discussion. I was really interested in learning how you transitioned from accounting to market research and would love to learn more as I’m going through a similar transition.

Are you open to meeting for a coffee at a place convenient for you or speaking over the phone for 15-20 minutes?

If so, please let me know a few dates/times that work with your schedule over the next two weeks.

Thanks for considering,


Another common follow up email that is tricky to write but equally important, is following up after an interview. If you’ve already sent a thank you email and it’s been the allotted time frame you were supposed to hear from the company, you should definitely follow up.

When following up after an interview, and after a thank you email has been sent, you want to:
1) Thank the person again for their time
2) Send a link to an article, networking event or anything they would find useful
3) Use a tone that’s positive, not pushy

Sample interview follow up email:

Hi James,

Thank you again for meeting with me last month to discuss the tax internship. I came across this article and given our conversation, thought you may find it interesting. (link to article)

I remain interested in the internship opportunity and look forward to hearing from you regarding the team’s decision.

Thank you,


April 23, 2018

Zicklin Women in Business Win Student Organization of the Month

This March, Baruch’s Office of Student Life started a new Student Organization of the Month initiative to recognize the work of student organizations at Baruch College. From the Office of Student Life:

“Student Organizations are the centerpiece of student life at Baruch College. They provide students with a community, a place to grow personally and professionally, a chance to advocate and implement change, and a way to give back to the local and global community through service. Each month, the Office of Student Life features a student organization to recognize what the organization and its members have accomplished and contributed to the Baruch community.”

The graduate Zicklin Women in Business club (ZWiB) was the first recipient of the Student Organization of the Month distinction. The GCMC sat down with the club’s Executive Board members Helen Huang (MSStatistics), Chenlu Muliu (MS Accountancy) and Pooja Mundhra (MS Accountancy) to talk about what this meant for their club.

In their application for the award, there were two specific activities that the leadership felt were most important to highlight. The first was a focus on building community among their membership, and the second was realizing how much collaboration could do.

For example, instead of running out of the gate in the spring semester to produce events right away, ZWiB took an opportunity to do leadership and team-building activities for their members. They felt that larger graduate clubs like the Accounting-focused ones had more manpower and structure year over year to effectively operate on the high level that they do, whereas smaller clubs like ZWiB oftentimes do not for myriad reasons. By focusing first on building community among members, the club could then execute events effectively as a team down the line.

Collaborating with other clubs and organizations was also a key component to having a successful spring semester. In just two months, ZWiB partnered on different initiatives with over 5 other clubs at Baruch, including undergraduate and graduate clubs - as well as the GSA. This allowed them to serve their own members and to more effectively spend time to help make events event better.

As part of being named Student Organization of the Month, the Executive Board had the opportunity to sit down with Dean Art King, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, with whom they were able to have a deep discussion on the importance of leadership in everything one does.

Looking at the experience they’ve had as Executive Board members, Chenlu, Helen and Pooja also shared what they’ve personally learned as club leaders.

Chenlu shared that ZWiB’s members are rich in diversity from background and nationality, to professional experience and age. This is one of ZWiB’s strengths when compared to other clubs. Learning how to effectively communicate with a diverse background of people to make them feel heard and empower them to contribute has been the biggest lesson for her.

Helen recalled co-moderating a panel event early in the semester, which was a new experience for her. By partnering with another club that had experience moderating panels, she was able to learn what it took to be an effective moderator. Shortly after, she then moderated a panel on her own. That experience allowed her to not only develop new skills she had not had before, but it also had other impact on her, such as getting to know more students on campus and increasing her sense of confidence.

Pooja commented that all Zicklin graduate students, no matter their professional background or when they graduated from undergrad, have experiences they can bring to any situation – from organizing club events to communicating with professionals in effective ways. Each student at Zicklin has something to contribute, and it has been an education-in-action to see how much she and other students can do when they get into a mindset of thinking of solutions and taking action.

Congratulations to ZWiB on their recognition, and to all the work Zicklin graduate student organizations do every day.