September 20, 2018

GCMC Podcast: Episode 3 - Build Valuable, Life-long Relationships - Pat Hedley

Pat Hedley has three decades of global private equity experience at General Atlantic, and now works with entrepreneurs and mid-sized growth company CEOs to help them accelerate revenue growth, expand their strategic network and maximize their company value. She is also the author of Meet 100 People, A How to Guide to the Career and Life Edge Everyone's Missing, encouraging everyone to meet people and build valuable life-long relationships.

In this episode, we walk with Pat about what meeting people and building valuable life-long relationships entails, a part of what is involved in networking, including:

  • Understanding Yourself: Knowing who you are at the core of making connections
  • Real Relationship-building: What it really means to establish relationships that are meaningful
  • Focus on the Long-term: Not discounting connections you think won’t help you
  • Can’t Lose Attitude: Getting past feeling intimidated to connect with people

Click here to listen.

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